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idiomag – a missed opportunity

Idiomag’s value proposition is great: A daily personalized music magazine. Unfortunately they take it too literally.

I signed up in January 2007 and have been to the site only about 10 times since, typically as a result of an email notification that new content is available. These notifications seem to come in spurts. Sometimes I get one every day for a few days in a row. And then nothing for weeks.

2 days ago I received an email that promised new content on Dinosaur jr, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Nada Surf. Awesome! I click through but can’t find any of this content. Instead I find Hot Hot Heat and a History Channel ad. Yesterday the email promised Radiohead, Nada Surf, Weezer, Kasabian. Again, the content of the “magazine” didn’t match. We Are Scientists just isn’t Radiohead. And I couldn’t figure out how I would get to the content I came for.

The idea is great but the execution sucks. The virtual magazine does indeed look like a real magazine (except for the videos). Nice layout, glossy look and you can even flip the pages, all done in Flash. Unfortunately this interaction model doesn’t really work on the Web.

How to fix it

Idiomag has good content but makes it really hard to access and share. They have built in sharing functionality but it’s really hard to discover. They will have to drop the magazine-style if they want to become successful.

I would publish the same content (including all the meta data/tags) in an invisible blog. Expose the main genres as their own page/blog (basically a tag search on the main blog). The same recommendation/matching engine can still act in the back and produce a customized main page based on tags and meta data. Users would still have their personalized content but in a form that is easier to consume. I could then subscribe to my personalized RSS feed and go check out the full rich-media blog whenever I feel like it. Enable comments and ratings and even suggest new things based on what similar users find interesting. And all of a sudden sharing is easy through simple linking.

But what about the widgets

Idiomag is available as widget for an impressive amount of sites. I just added the one for Facebook and suddenly I do see Dinosaur jr, Nada Surf and Hard Fi. At least a partial match. However it doesn’t seem to play very nicely with the new Facebook design. Widgets are great for distribution but Idiomag has to fix their main site first. And please make the edit Interests easier too. Thanks.

Cutting Down On Feeds – Getting My Time Back

I read all my feeds in the new Yahoo! Mail. I’ve been cutting down on feeds over the last few weeks. I’m down to 55 from about 100. Still too many I guess… I’ve seen other people doing the same around the same time. Is the quality declining? Or are we just subscribing to too many feeds?

I meant to keep a list of which feeds I unsubscribe and why but didn’t really see a lot of value in it. Here are the ones I unsubscribed today:

  • Download Squad and Download Squad: Yes, both feeds have the same name, one is for Google and one is for Yahoo!. They were more interesting in the Unoffical … Weblog days. And the Googleholic entries are really hard to read.
  • Coolz0r: He (can’t find his name on the site) does a good job at highlighting interesting ads and marketing. However ever since the hotlink protection, the feed doesn’t show images anymore in my feed reader. Clicking through, then clicking on the headline and then hitting F5 has become to tedious. See screenshot below.

Coolz0r feed in Yahoo! Mail's RSS Reader

Sorry guys, no offense intended…

Update: I just saw that coolz0r has been asking for feedback in case the above happens. I added a comment.