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Why I Love Europe

Tim Bonneman from Planblog asks why we love Europe and gives his #37 out of 100.

Reason #44 why I love Europe:

The immense diversity in a relatively small area. Every country is so different and unique. The people, the countryside, the religion, the language, everything!

I have to agree with his compliment to the European women though. Funny that we both live in the Silicon Valley…

Update: Web Monday Second Life is coming up on MON Oct 23, 2006 (Tim is the “organizer”). I’ve been to the two real world Web Montags in the Silicon Valley. This virtual one sounds like an interesting experiment. I’ve seen demos of Second Life but haven’t had the urge to join yet. Then again I’m not a gamer.

Due to Mistake, Not Incompetence or Indifference

Niniane Wang (Google) said [via Google Blogoscoped]:

(…) problems usually occur due to mistakes rather than incompetence or indifference. (…) Not blaming means the cost of failure is tolerable. This allows people to feel free to innovate with high-risk high-reward ideas.

This is essential in combination with taking risks (see I’m so glad you made this mistake). It is not enough to encourage taking risks, it is also important to make sure that employees are protected from blame and sanctions if something doesn’t go according to plan. Sometimes you’re betting too high or on the wrong horse.

Meaningful Work or Death. Any other form of existence doesn’t interest me.

When your work stops being your “Real Life”, and “Leisure” starts becoming your real life i.e. When your job just becomes this unpleasant “thing”, something with no other meaningful function other than to finance your new “Real Life” i.e your ‘Lifestyle’… you know, the expensive part with all the shopping, beaches, cocktail parties, vacuous conversations etc.

[Via gapingvoid]

I love my job and couldn’t have it another way! And I feel really sad for all the people who hate going to work. Maybe it’s time to change something?

Go read the full article!

I’m so glad you made this mistake.

Larry Page said [via Google Blogoscoped]:

“I’m so glad you made this mistake. Because I want to run a company where we are moving too quickly and doing too much, not being too cautious and doing too little. If we don’t have any of these mistakes, we’re just not taking enough risk.”

Terry Semel and Yahoo! are also encouraging risk taking. Can’t immediately find a good quote online.

What does it take for employees to act accordingly?