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Wrapping up 2007

Reading my last post makes me laugh. After proclaiming to be back 9 months ago I’ve gone silent again. I’m giving it another shot. I realized that I’m spending a lot of time consuming and processing information without actually publishing – verbally or in written form – the outcome. A co-worker said a few months ago: Output, not input. This has stuck with me ever since and I’m trying to improve my input to output ratio.

The end of the year is always a time of reflection on the last 52 weeks, missed opportunities and what to do better next year. I think I’m typically too critical of my own achievements. 2007 has been an eventful year and I’m really happy with where I am. I’m always striving for more though and the slow pace of evolution sometimes causes dissatisfaction.

I’m enjoying the predictions for 2008 that surface on various blogs. And of course the analysis of last years predictions. It is a great way to do a review of what has happened. Often thought of as a silly game, predictions are in fact a result of deep reflection on the near to mid-term future and enable you to position yourself for success. Makes me think: I guess I’ll have to write up my own predictions.

Similarly New Year’s resolutions are a conscious analysis of your current situation and what you want to improve. Unfortunately the execution often breaks down. The act of coming up with resolutions is still worthwhile. I’ve decided to build my own Global Microbrand in 2008. It’s about being remarkable and such…

I just realized that I’ve been reading Hugh MacLeod and Seth Godin (see links above) since September 05 (or longer). Inspiring quality content kept me subscribed for so long. Rock on!

Why Being Global Is Important

Read/Write Web has become one of my favorite blogs with insightful posts. Most recent example:

Seeking Alpha also notes that many of the fastest-growing websites are localized Google properties – showing two clear trends, the importance of Google and the internationalization of the Web. The former gets plenty of press and blog coverage, the latter less so. But both are of equal importance in my view.

The second point is the essential one for this post!

The majority of the future Internet growth comes from outside the U.S. (and Europe for that matter). Succeeding means succeeding globally. The emerging markets out there are evolving quickly. Act now before someone else becomes the leader.

Localization can be tricky but is often essential to succeed in a local market. That’s one of the reasons local competitors can survive next to the global players.

Interestingly enough YouTube doesn’t have a localized version and is still very successful globally.