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Have You Missed This?

I haven’t posted here in a while. Busy and stuff… You know how the story goes. And I was without Internet access at home for a while. Ah, good times!

Exciting personal news: I finally moved back to San Francisco – after over 2.5 years in Mountain View. Yeah! Trying to get my life back. Commute has been working out so far. And spring in SF is nice. A shame the snowboard season in Tahoe was so crappy this year. :(

A few thoughts that I meant to post in the last few weeks:

  • Visits instead of page views: What do you do when your page view metric becomes meaningless (due to Ajax) and you’re restricted by the data provided by your installed client app? Settle for less: comScore introduces visits. This metric is fairer but doesn’t provide enough information around engagement.
  • Inaccurate metrics: Valleywag’s summary of comScore’s problematic approach and how the numbers will never be accurate.
  • Attention: Compete tries Attention as an engagement metric (basically glorified time spent). Seth’s take on it: meaningless.
  • Firefox computer: The other day I was rambling again how the value of “MY” computer has gone down dramatically. I just need “A” computer. As long as it has a decent Internet connection I have access to all my important data. Most of what I do is somewhere online today (or moving there). Pretty much what Toni describes as The Firefox Computer.
  • Internet access at work: A friend of mine doesn’t have Internet access at work. It blows my mind how this is still possible in 2007! A computer without Internet connection has become useless to me (see bullet above). Then again I work for an Internet company. I guess trust in your employees is still not the norm.
  • Disabled comments: I just disabled comments on this blog (which doesn’t make it a blog anymore according to some). I got a ton of spam comments and basically no real comments. True, I could have installed Akismet and contributed to the 1 billion blocked spam comments. But I’m just tired of dealing with it. If you want to comment on one of my posts, do it on your blog!

I’m back!

Top 10 of 2006 – Yahoo! Ties Google

The ‘best of’ and ‘top 10 of’ 2006 are cropping up everywhere. And I like it! At least until I get tired of it. The Best of Copyblogger will become the reference for every aspiring blogger. And while reading I couldn’t resist keeping score (number of titles containing the given term):

  • Firefox: 2
  • Google: 2
  • Yahoo!: 2
  • Search: 1
  • Web 2.0: 1

Yahoo! ties Google and Firefox! And Ajax, YouTube and MySpace are nowhere to be found…

Search Keyboard Shortcut – Ctrl+k or Ctrl+e

To focus the search field in the browser chrome:

  • hit Ctrl+k in Firefox 2.0
  • hit Ctrl+e in IE7

I love consistency ;) . See also my gripes about tab switching.

Btw, the Yahoo! live search in Firefox is pretty cool. I don’t think there is a shortcut to focus the search box in the Yahoo! toolbar.

The always useful F6 is another great one to know. And try F11 is you don’t know that one. And obviously Alt+left arrow (who needs backspace!?!) and Alt+right arrow.

Firefox 2.0 rc 3

Firefox just upgraded itself to v2.0rc3 (from rc2). There are two really cool changes coming with version 2.0 of Firefox:

  • Spell check as you type in textarea
  • In page search in textarea

As we spend more and more time in the browser, small improvements like the two above make a huge difference. I spend more time in twiki and web-based email than in any desktop application.

Thanks Firefox!