Have You Missed This?

I haven’t posted here in a while. Busy and stuff… You know how the story goes. And I was without Internet access at home for a while. Ah, good times!

Exciting personal news: I finally moved back to San Francisco – after over 2.5 years in Mountain View. Yeah! Trying to get my life back. Commute has been working out so far. And spring in SF is nice. A shame the snowboard season in Tahoe was so crappy this year. :(

A few thoughts that I meant to post in the last few weeks:

  • Visits instead of page views: What do you do when your page view metric becomes meaningless (due to Ajax) and you’re restricted by the data provided by your installed client app? Settle for less: comScore introduces visits. This metric is fairer but doesn’t provide enough information around engagement.
  • Inaccurate metrics: Valleywag’s summary of comScore’s problematic approach and how the numbers will never be accurate.
  • Attention: Compete tries Attention as an engagement metric (basically glorified time spent). Seth’s take on it: meaningless.
  • Firefox computer: The other day I was rambling again how the value of “MY” computer has gone down dramatically. I just need “A” computer. As long as it has a decent Internet connection I have access to all my important data. Most of what I do is somewhere online today (or moving there). Pretty much what Toni describes as The Firefox Computer.
  • Internet access at work: A friend of mine doesn’t have Internet access at work. It blows my mind how this is still possible in 2007! A computer without Internet connection has become useless to me (see bullet above). Then again I work for an Internet company. I guess trust in your employees is still not the norm.
  • Disabled comments: I just disabled comments on this blog (which doesn’t make it a blog anymore according to some). I got a ton of spam comments and basically no real comments. True, I could have installed Akismet and contributed to the 1 billion blocked spam comments. But I’m just tired of dealing with it. If you want to comment on one of my posts, do it on your blog!

I’m back!