Conflicting Metrics Data – Again

I’ve written about the metrics companies quite a bit recently (see So ComScore Understands the Page View Problem? and Page Views Are Already Dead!. And comScore is getting a beating again. Today Techcrunch reports on new conflicting data between the two metrics companies Hitwise and comScore:

[Hitwise's] data is saying that this week, for the first time, Google Blogsearch surpassed Technorati in total visits.

(…) Comscore tells a much different story, and one that makes little sense given the facts.

As mentioned before, comScore skews towards “regular” consumers (rather than more advanced users/geeks). So Technorati has less geeky users? Hard to believe…

And Hitwise, what’s up with that 0.0023% vs. 0.0025% of total internet traffic? There must be a better way to represent these numbers! You know, one that looks less ridiculous.