Performancing Selling Out?

Performancing has managed to position itself as a valuable resource for bloggers offering advice on their blog, a blogger Firefox extension, and even a blog advertisement network. Now Techcrunch reports that they’re selling out to PayPerPost, a service that has received plenty of negative press and comments from bloggers recently.

I stopped reading the Performancing blog a while ago as it was too focussed on pro-bloggers. Some advice seemed to be more concerned about making money then adding value for the reader. So is the sell out really that much of a surprise?

And one comment for TechCrunch: We all know that you get exclusives. But why do you have to rub it in with “They will be announcing … tomorrow”? Or am I overly sensitive?

Good luck to Performancing! You have a good reputation to lose.

Update 1/5/07: Looks like the deal is off: Metrics goes Open Source – PayPerPost Deal is Off