Let’s Get Rid of WWW.

While I was watching a friend typing a URL into a browser I realized that I never type the ‘www.’. Everyone has stopped typing ‘http://’ a long time ago (hopefully – stop now if you haven’t and start saving time). But I would guess that the majority is not omitting ‘www.’ yet. Now strangely enough since I realized this I keep getting stuck on sites that require the www!

So please always add a CNAME entry without the ‘www.’ to your full A name. Make is easy for your users to reach you. Thanks for making my life easier!

I guess I’m using the address bar as command line to a certain extent (F6 is my best friend). What are the search engines going to do when people stop using them for navigation?

Note: This is a DNS configuration only. No need to set up any redirects. And a client-side redirect is definitely not the right thing to do! Right comScore? Although I appreciate not getting a 404.