Unreal Beauty – Companies Turning Nice

This Dove “commercial” got me thinking [via Coolz0r*]. The idols we’re looking up to and measuring us against are not real anymore! So how can we live up to the challenge?

I remember when Dove took regular (as in real) women as models for their ad campaign a few years ago. A brave move. And it must have worked as they’re continuing down that route. It is refreshing to see a company fighting the extreme that the fashion and beauty industry have become.

Safeway is also trying to save our values (and us). I read on a milk carton last week something along the lines of “Eat dinner with your family”. They forgot to mention “Turn off your TV first”. I’ll post the details of that campaign later.

I do appreciate the efforts of the two companies even though I am a little skeptical (and cynical) about the campaigns. Both companies are clearly trying to position themselves as the consumers’ friend that is looking out for them.

Kaiser Permanente has already achieved this image. The sun screen booth at a concert in Golden Gate Park was simple, ingenious and felt totally authentic.

How long will it take Safeway to change their image? Also read this BusinessWeek article on what Safeway has been doing and is doing for its image.

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