IE7 is Here – Yahoo! Branded Version Installed

Microsoft has released IE7 and pushes it out via Windows Update – a bold move. Yahoo! has released a branded (optimized) version of IE7 which I installed.

During the installation I realized that I didn’t set a system restore point. There is no cancel button once the installation is running. And Windows Update was installing at the same time. Luckily everything went well and I’m back online after a restart.

IE7 comes with tabs but I can’t figure out the keyboard shortcut to go to the next/previous tab (Ctrl+Page Up/Down in Firefox). At least Ctrl+t and Ctrl+w are working. The menu bar is hidden by default (Yahoo! version only?) which gives you more screen real estate.

The upgrade process requires a verification of the Windows license. This might lead to IE6 sticking around on more computers than most webdevs hope for.

I will probably continue using IE 7 and Firefox 2.0 on a daily basis.

Also see Firefox 2.0 rc 3