The PC Guy is Everywhere!

You know the Mac commercials with the PC Guy and the Mac Guy. I had to laugh pretty hard when I read the following story about the background of the actors a while ago [via Gizmodo]:

Radar interviews John Hodgman, you know, the PC Guy from the Apple ads. And reading it makes me feel just stupid. You know he works for the Daily Show, but did you know he’s a full fledged NY Times Magazine editor and writer, and was a reporter for NPR’s This American Life? Justin Long, the Mac Guy, is best known for working with Lindsay Lohan in Herbie Fully Loaded, Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball, and his cameo on That 70′s Show. Well then.

The writer in John Hodgman was reading out of his new book “The Areas of My Expertise” in San Francisco last week [via Metroblogging San Francisco]. I haven’t heard anything about the book and I’m definitely curious.