Upping Your Credit Limit – I don’t get it!

While I’m still being flooded by credit card applications pre-approvals and offers (see comments to ‘My Fourth Credit Card Application in 1 Week‘), I also had a very interesting experience with my existing credit card. Here is a summary of the phone call:

Me: Hi, I would like to increase my credit limit.

Customer Care Representative: Sure, what amount were you thinking of?

Me: 3000

CSR: I can offer you 2500.

Me: Ok.

CSR: Good, I can change your credit limit to 2500 right now.

Me: Ok, sounds good.

CSR after a couple of minutes: Ok, you’re new credit limit is 3000.

I asked for 3000 and got 3000. But I was told I could only have 2500. Huh? Nevermind.