“Features, not products.” – Who saw that coming?

Google has launched an initiative called “Features, not products” (not to be confused with “This is a feature, not a bug”).

[Via John Batelle's Searchblog]

In another sign of Google Inc.’s growth from start-up to corporate behemoth, the company’s top executives said Thursday that they had begun telling engineers to stop launching so many new services and instead focus on making existing ones work together better.

It’s always easy to say ‘I saw this coming’ after it happened. But just looking at the number of employees (did they pass 10k yet?), it wasn’t too far fetched. Although all Google employees I talked to were convinced that Google won’t change. I think we’ve only seen the beginning of far bigger changes…

Oh, and in other Google news today: Google To Acquire YouTube for $1.65 Billion in Stock. Last time I checked this was a lot of money.