Buying A New Mobile Phone

My Nokia 6100 died today. It’s been through a lot in the few years that I owned it. I’m really sad to see it go as it served me well.

Now the big problem is what kind of phone to get. In principle I only use it to make phone calls, send SMS and write stuff down in the calendar. But I could see myself using a camera and maybe even surf the web or read email (you know, like the kids today).

It must be small and light with decent battery life. At least tri-band. Bluetooth would be cool in case I get a new computer and want to hook it up. IrDA for backwards compatibilty. EVDO? Not necessarily. And I don’t really like flip phones (too fat, antenna sticking out).

As I’m with Cingular, my choice is limited to this. I hear people raving about the RAZR, Q, Sidekick 3 and Treo 650 but I’m not really convinced of any of these. So here is my short list based on what’s available online at Cingular.

- Nokia 6061: Only dual band, flip phone
- Nokia 6102i: 850/1800/1900 MHz (900 is missing), IrDA, EDGE, Bluetooth, Yahoo! IM, 128 x 160 Pixels
- Sony Ericsson Z525a: Quad band, Bluetooth, IrDA, Yahoo! IM, antenna is not sticking out, 128 x 160 Pixels
- RAZR V3: Quad band, Bluetooth, antenna is not sticking out, 176 x 220 Pixels

Heading over to Yahoo! Tech to see what others are saying about these phones. Maybe Cingular has more at their stores?