Blogosphere in a Crisis?

It strikes me how many bloggers have announced recently that they’ll discontinue their blog: Dave Winer, Xooglers, Russell Beattie. Some of them have been blogging for years! At least Scoble took only a break and is back now.

Blogs have always been about conversations. But as they attract more readers, they also attract the idiots that are here to spoil the fun, sometimes even with personal attacks. Scoble has been pointing this out repeatedly and Russell has even turned off his comments a while ago. Well, geeks have never been an easy crowd.

Are we seeing a trend here? Are the old-timers getting frustrated with what the blogosphere has become? And if the old-timers give up, is the MySpace generation ready to pick it up? I’ve been mostly underwhelmed by the content I’ve seen on MySpace so far.

Keep it up guys. We need you! We appreciate the long hours and hard work that goes into quality content.

Are guest bloggers and ‘turning off comments’ signs for a blog’s nearing death?